Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is the marketing or promotion of mobile applications through which you can earn more downloads. Furthermore, engagement and retention of customers who downloaded your application is also a very important aspect of mobile app marketing. Mobile app marketing agencies or companies have excellent knowledge in this field and know all the potential methods of mobile app marketing. So, take the mobile app marketing services and ensure your business growth.

For creating a good mobile app marketing strategy, you need to understand the needs and interests of your target audience. Also, you can run paid advertisements for ensuring good results in minimum time.

Mobile app marketing is classified into 2 types 

1. Increase Downloads

2. Increase retention

Increase downloads

Competition is very high in the world of mobile applications. Over 3 million apps in the Google play store and almost 2 million apps are in the Apple app store. So, with this kind of huge competition, it is very difficult for your target customers to locate your mobile application. But, by running the app marketing campaign, you can easily gain your targeted audiences.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

By performing ASO, you can increase the visibility of your application in the app stores (apple app store and Google play store). Ensure that your right users or targeted users can discover your application in a jam-packed market. App store optimization services are the only way through which you can gain more traffic on your mobile application. Hire an app store optimization agency and take the leading app store optimization services.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Do you know the importance of advertising on the most famous platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

The platforms of social media have very high potential and can market your mobile applications most effectively. These platforms help in marketing your mobile applications and grab potential users. As per your ad budget limit, user persona, and target market, you can run specific ads on the specific social media platforms. You can earn more downloads with social media advertisements.

Increase retention/ Mobile engagement marketing 

How you can engage your target audiences with your mobile application for a long duration? As there are various ways to do this and some are given below.

Push Notifications

Push notification is a great way to keep the users engaged with the mobile application. These notifications are similar to the text messages and guide your customers regarding new offers, discounts, sales, and more. This is a superb way through which you can easily communicate with your audiences and update them with the highly personalized messages.  

Benefits of push notifications:

These help in increasing user engagement with your application up-to 90%.

According to 50% of users, push notifications are very helpful to them.

Rich Push Notifications

In this kind of notification, you can add videos, images, sound files, and other visual content. By sending this kind of notification, your application can easily stand out from the rest of all applications available in the market. Rich push notification is an appealing way of updating the app users. Users who receive rich push notifications seem to be more engaged with the application.

How you can track your mobile app marketing progress?

This is a serious issue that how you can measure your application progress? Which are the goals completed by your mobile application marketing and which are the goals that are still remaining?

There are many factors that you need to consider for measuring your mobile app marketing success. Increment in the number of downloads is not the only factor but, there is more to consider. You need to look at:  

Retention rate: After the first visit, the number of customers that return to your application.

Active users: The number of users who are vigorously using your mobile application is more profitable than the users who don’t. So, pay more attention to this.  

Session duration or length: This factor is related to the time duration that your users spend in your application.

Acquisitions: Through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more the number of customers who downloaded your application.

Lifetime value (LTV). How your users behave or use your application?

Some useful tips for developing a good mobile app marketing strategy

1. Your app name

Select an ideal name for your application. Remember, the name of your application is an important thing on which you need to focus first. It should be appealing and engaging to attract more users.   

2. Appropriate App Icon.

The next thing for which you need to go is your app logo or icon. Pick the icon that correctly represents your mobile application.

3. Selecting the right category

After the launch of your application, you need to pick the right category for your application. Picking the right category is very important since it ensures that your app must be found by the right group of targeted users.

4. Pre-Launch Promotions.

Pre-launch promotions are also very effective that you can perform through social sharing, social media campaigns, and other mediums. For increasing the publicity of mobile apps, social media promotions are very helpful.

5. Take popular app stores for listing your application

List your applications in the popular app stores like Windows App Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry World, iTunes, and more. Ensure that your application must be discovered by your target customers.

6. Promotional Strategies.

Make your own promotional strategy and promote your application. Use short videos, screenshots, images, and more in your application promotional channels.  

7. Increase the visibility of your app

By marketing your app using different channels and platforms, you can easily increase its visibility. Use social channels and other tactics for it. Also, update your app weekly or monthly for better user experience.


If you want your app should be discovered by your target group of audiences then, mobile app marketing services become very important for you. By promoting your application correctly, you can easily earn more downloads. Plan how you want to market your application or what are the tactics that you need to include for marketing your app. For more help, you can also consider a mobile app marketing agency or company.  

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