Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Digiadlab offers you experienced and skilled experts, who are having years of experience.  Digiadlab has proficiency in developing and designing mobile apps, websites and also provides you the medium of promotion with Digital marketing and content writing solutions. With us, you can expect dedicated resources, super quality of services, cost saving and control on superior projects. In addition to this, according to the needs of your business you can also select an engagement model and enhance your business.

Dedicated team engagement model refers to an increment in client’s team with onshore, offshore or nearshore vendors’ experts. This model offers the easiest approach to engage with any outsourcing project and build strong relationship between the customers and owners. Above the performance of our skilled team, we take the responsibility of the success of your project and provide encouraging and positive work environment.

Go for dedicated team engagement model when:

  • When your project required more manpower
  • When you love to share or play with cross-border knowledge
  • When you manage all aspects of your project easily like enough resource and time management

Fixed price or fixed time model presents an option of low risk that can work for your business if specifications and scope of your project are clear. With this model customers will find on-budget and on-time delivery of their respective projects. In fixed time/fixed price model, price, deadlines and delivery parameters are clearly defined. A phased way is followed by Digiadlab, in which target, development, execution and business support are included. We offer tremendous advantages to the customers with low cost prices.

Fixed Price Engagement Model is helpful when:

  • Requirements are well-defined or clear
  • Length of the projects should small that can easily completed within few months
  • You also have some previous knowledge of outsourcing

According to the requirements of project, Digiadlab build a project team with project managers, skilled workers, best infrastructure and required equipment. With respect to this, customers pay the charges and ensure the completion of project. Workloads of project and team size can be easily managed with this flexible model.  With such engagements, the complete flexibility is with the customers that according to their project requirements they can choose or hire our associates. For providing high quality solutions, our energetic, knowledgeable, skilled and competent experts are always available for you.

Pick Time and Material engagement Model when:

  • You are not cleared with your requirements
  • The length of the project should large enough
  • Over the time period, the needs of your development should vary
  • Appreciate relationship transparency between customer-vendor