Mobile App Marketing – App Store Optimization


Mobile App Marketing

With the huge rise in popularity of mobile apps, today many businesses are moving towards Mobile App Marketing. Mobile Apps often serve as powerful business assets for as they help businesses reach out to millions of customers on the tap on a mobile screen. Once businesses reach their customers, these apps can also be used to effectively engage and retain the customers. Today, investment in App Marketing is imperative for businesses as it ensures that your mobile application performs well in the highly competitive market and ends up getting installed on user smartphone devices. App Store Optimization forms an integral part of Mobile App Marketing.

Digiadlab is a Mobile App Marketing Agency, providing comprehensive one-stop solution for app marketing services to ensure that your application has a higher visibility which will encourage users to proactively interact using it. Our expertise in app store optimization services help your app reach the top rankings on App Store and/or Play Store, performing better than your competitors. Our app marketing strategies are custom built, keeping in mind the uniquq requirements of all businesses.

Our Mobile App Marketing Services are customized to drive higher ROI for your app based business. 

App Store Optimization

Through App Store Optimization (ASO, you can rank your apps in App Stores to rank them higher and increase the number of installs. This effectively boosts your app visibility and encourages higher user participation.

Social Media Marketing

For reaching large qualified audiences, social paid advertising is required. This method is not only important for driving more traffic, but also helps in understanding the user behavior on different social media platforms.

Mobile SEO

Mobile App search is now growing over desktop based browser search as now people are directly accessing the apps to check out a specific piece of content or feature. This requires choosing appropriate keywords to describe your app.

App Pre-Launch Marketing

Based on the initial audit of your app and research of your competitors and target audience, we create a pre-launch marketing strategy to spread your app amongst the target users and help them start using the app.

Branding and Awareness

Our experienced brand designers can conceptualize your idea and give life to it. Be it your app name, UI/UX design, or logo design, we are committed to bringing our the best brand image to be served to your audience and customers.

Online Reputation Management

Internet has the power to both create and destroy a brand's image. With so many platforms available, it becomes difficult to manage different web properties that discuss a brand and its reputation. We use tactful proceses to keep that reputation alive.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Process

You can consider Digiadlab to be your trusted Mobile App Marketing Agency offering end-to-end App Store Optimization Services which are oriented towards achieving the goals set for your App Marketing Strategy.

Market Research

There might be many competitors of your app and it is our perogative to conduct a comprehensive competitor research and analysis to find out the metrics for improvement and help you keep one step ahead of your competitors always.

Keyword Research

App Store listings work on the concept of SEO and hence keyword analysis is an integral part of App Store Keyword Optimization. Choosing the right set of keywords allows Google and Apple app stores to rank your app higher for greater visibility.

Content Creation

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Stores provide lots of avenues for publishing content in the form of app description, app name, updates, etc. This content needs to be optimized with relevant keywords so that the search crawlers can rank the content and the app.

App Store Listing Optimization

Apart from content, visuals and videos also play an important part in th optimization of your app store listing as visitors want to see high resolution graphics and explanatory videos to understand what your app is about.

App Promotion SEO Activities

Digiadlab helps with App Promotion Services by offering both Social Media and Organic promotions. While social media is the go-to platform for many users, it is equally important to havea a great app SEO strategy in place too.

Re-Evaluation and Updation

The final step is to continuously evaluate and update the app listing based on current and past performance metrics. This keeps the listing fresh and hence has a great chance to slowly but steadily help your apps rank higher in app stores.

Benefits of Having a Strong Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Currently, 60% of the users accessing a piece of online content do it using mobile applications. This number has been growing steadily over the last few years averaging about an increase of 5% per annum. With this potential of mobile apps in generating user engagement, it is important for your mobile app to have a strong marketing strategy in place.

Higher Visibility

Mobile apps are a great way for the user to access data on their mobile devices with just a single tap on the screen, no matter which location or time-zone they are in.


User Engagement

With the availability of a 24x7 communication link between users and businesses, mobile apps have reduced the communication timelines to almost nil while driving higher user engagement.



All this combines into a great business environment where your mobile app users feel valued, thereby inventing their time and resources in your app and driving better ROI for your business