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Use Different Platforms Of Social Media According To Your Business Requirements 

Use different platforms of social media according to your business requirements 

Many companies are using social media networks for promoting their brands effectively. But, without knowing the nature of each social media platform, it is useless to promote your business on these platforms. Every platform of social media is different and so, you need to plan different promotional strategies for each social platform.

First, understand the type of your business that whether it is b2b or b2c and then select the right social media platform. Moreover, it is not essential or required to use all the platforms of social media for marketing the business but, you need to select the right platform according to the nature of your business.

 So, for the success of all your social media marketing efforts, you need to pick the potential platforms according to your targeted audiences and type of your business. Below, you will find a detailed overview of different channels or platforms of social media.   

1. Facebook

Facebook is a powerful social media and digital marketing channel which is used by many companies or businesses for promotional activities. Facebook acts as the leading social media channel and helps in engaging the target audiences. Many businesses or companies use this platform for selling their products or services. But, it is better if you use this platform for maintaining a good relationship with your targeted audiences. With the use of this platform, you can connect more people with your brand.

Facebook is also known as one of the most diversified social media platforms in terms of demographics. You can post all types of content on this platform like images, text content, infographics and more. But, it will be more beneficial if you post images and short descriptions or content over this platform. Remember, images are more engaging and so, they drive more engagement as compared to the text content.

2. Twitter

Twitter is an important social media platform through which you can directly update your target users by sending short messages with trending hashtags. Using this social media network, you can easily send short and specific messages to a number of people. Twitter is the ideal platform for businesses that want to build frequent connections or bonds with their targeted audiences. Use this social media platform for posting several times a day and follow a strategic or planned time schedule for posting as per your targeted audiences.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the leading video marketing platform. Millions of videos are uploaded on this platform every day and so, the popularity of this platform is very high. As video content is more appealing and easy to consume as compared to the normal textual content and this is the main reason why this platform is so much popular.  

If you have great videos of your products, services and more then, you can easily use this potential platform for the submission of your videos.

The videos that you want to upload on this platform should be short, engaging, and informative for gaining more likes and subscribers. But, if you upload uninteresting and long videos on this platform then, you would not receive more likes and subscriptions. So, it is required to create engaging videos, with proper images and graphics in order to attract more users or customers.  

Maintain the consistency and post at least 2 or 3 videos in a week. If you want to know more about this platform and market your business using videos then, contact a social media marketing company or social media marketing agency for knowing more about this platform.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is an ideal platform for generating more referral traffic. Earlier, this platform is used by housewives for sharing different recipes, pictures of beauty products, dresses, cosmetic items, and more other things. But now, this platform is used as the leading social media platform for sharing visual content like engaging and stunning videos, images, and photos.

If your business domain is related to fashion, travel, home improvements, food, events, or more other such kinds of things then, this platform is for you. This platform will act amazing well for your business if you post engaging images or videos of your products and services on this platform. So, for the purpose of branding, this platform will act superbly well for your business.  

5. Instagram

Instagram is another leading social media platform based on visual content. Instagram is highly focused on visual content and ideal for visual content marketing. If your target audiences are between the age group of 16-30 then, this platform is ideal for your business.

For achieving success at this social media platform, your visual content should be compelling, engaging and interesting. For branding your business through this platform, you need to post images, photos, and short videos on this social platform.


 As mentioned above, each social platform is different from each other and has unique and different sets of features. This is all about the nature of 5 different social media platforms. According to the nature of your business, you can use these platforms effectively and market your business. Social media marketing is the ideal form of marketing that not only promotes your business but also helps in increasing its visibility. In addition to this, you can contact a social media marketing agency or social media marketing company for gaining better outcomes or results in a short period of time.

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