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7 Different Types Of Content Writing

Different Types of Content Writing

1. SEO Content Writing –

Content writing is a very important part of online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). The requirement of SEO content writing services is very high and countries like UK, Australia and USA outsource SEO content writing to many different countries.

Content writing agencies are responsible for creating SEO-friendly blogs, articles, short descriptions and more. Before writing SEO friendly content, the professionals of SEO research well and find out the relevant keywords according to the particular topic or niche.

With the use of relevant keywords, SEO content writers try their best to create an informative content piece. So, if you can develop great SEO content using relevant keywords, then SEO content writing is the most appropriate field for you. Ensure that the content which you prepared should free from errors and not ranked as copied content. Maintain the originality of the content for ranking it at the top positions in SERPs (search engine result pages) or go for the SEO content writing services.

2. Technical Writing –

Technical content writing involves technical content which relates to consumer electronics, computer software and hardware, aeronautics, biotechnology, engineering and more. Writing technical content is not so easy, but if you have good knowledge of different technologies then you can apply for the technical content writing post.

3. Marketing and communication writing-

Marketing and communication is the most challenging type of writing. The marketing sector requires unique and engaging content for generating or capturing the leads. The different forms of content which are involved under this category:-

Social media content

Email content campaign


Video and audio content




External communication

And more

The goal of content marketing is not only to attract potential customers but to compel them for taking desired actions. Developing this kind of content is not an easy task because a lot of research work is involved in this type of content writing. For developing actionable content, writers need to communicate with the target audience.

The logic behind creating the marketing content is to promote and sell the products and services. So, the nature of marketing content must be descriptive which contains all the information related to products and services. If you want to build engagement in your content then take the content writing services from the well-known content marketing agency or content marketing company.

If you have the ability to develop attractive content for the marketing, then you can join this field of content writing.

4. Research and Report Writing –

The content which is required for report writing must be of high quality and developed by experienced content writers. Before writing the report, the content writer needs to research well on that particular topic on which he or she going to develop the report.

5. Business Writing –

The writing style of business writing is much similar to communication and marketing writing. If you want to go for business writing then it is important to learn how to write official emails, sales proposals, summaries, concept papers, memos, RFPs (request for proposal), manual writing and more. Content writing agency is also known for providing great business content according to the respective domains of businesses.

6. Press Release Writing –

The purpose of writing press release is to update the customers about the new developments related to a specific industry or company. Press release is required for making new announcements which are concerned with new products or services in the market.

7. Copywriting –

Copywriting is the most competitive and demanding field. The person who wants to become a copywriter should be enough creative so that he or she can create an engaging copy of the content. Developing engaging punch lines is also the duty of a copywriter.

Various forms of content are involved in copywriting, but the single thing which remains constant is boundless creativity. For developing great content, you need to plan creative ideas and work hard for establishing them. If you are a creative person and have the ability to develop engaging content, then this field is for you.


This is all about some different forms of content writing. According to your talent and comfort, you can choose any option for your career. Moreover, learn the right skills of content writing from the content writing company and increase your knowledge.

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