Digital Marketing

Most Important Roles In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Director or Digital Marketing Manager:

The position of digital manager or digital director is the topmost position in the field of digital marketing. For achieving this position one should have at least 5 to 6 years of experience. The skills which are required for the position of digital marketing director or manager are:

One should have a deep knowledge of all the trends of digital marketing. 

The person can successfully run digital marketing campaigns and drive more traffic.

Whether it is SEO, SMO, content writing or other parts of digital marketing, the person should have good knowledge of all these fields.

Web Developer & Web Designer

Web developers and web designers are the people who design and develop amazing websites. Moreover, the roles of web designers and web developers are completely different. The role of a web designer is to design an engaging and beautiful website for attracting and engaging the visitors. Basically, a web designer is responsible for the development front-end part and web developer is responsible back-end part. As a web designer or developer, you are responsible for coding, designing and modifying the websites. The basic languages which you should know for web designing and development are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and web programming.

Social Media Manager or executive

The job of a social media manager is one of the coolest jobs. The reasonability of social media manager is to plan solid strategies according to the latest trends of social media and execute them successfully for achieving the respective goals of the business. Social media manager needs to coordinate with their team members and help them in creating informative and engaging content and more. The key features which are required for this job profile:

The person must be creative

The person should know all the latest trends related to social media marketing and have deep knowledge of all the social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

SEO Manager

The requirement of SEO execute is very high. Every company or business wants to promote its products, services, websites and application, and for this, an expert SEO executive is required. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is important for ranking the websites at the top positions in the SERPs. SEO executive is responsible for performing certain duties like keyword research, build sitemap; ensure that the content on the website is SEO- friendly and more other important tasks.  

PPC/SEM Expert

The PPC or SEM experts are responsible for creating and executing paid ad campaigns. They can drive potential customers or leads which results in high profit of the company. As an SEM or PPC expert, you need to manage split ad groups, PPC keywords, marketing campaigns and more other things.

Content Marketer

If you are creative and love writing the content, then this field is for you. The responsibility of content marketer is to create and promote the engaging, appealing, informative and SEO friendly content. Content marketing plays a very important role in digital marketing and it is the best digital marketing strategy that contributes a lot in generating leads for the business. If you are passionate about developing the content, then you can apply for this post.  

Other Roles

Other than the above posts there are also other designations in digital marketing. According to your passion, knowledge, comfort and requirement, you can apply for any of the post. Some other posts of digital marketing are:

E-Commerce Manager

CRM Manager

Analytics Manager

Digital Agency Account Director

Email Marketing Manager

How much you can earn in this field of digital marketing?

The answer of this question depends on the type of your organization, level of your knowledge and the field which you select.

How to start career in digital marketing?

There is no specific degree to get into the field of digital marketing. Moreover, if you have a certification in digital marketing then this thing will help you a lot in getting a good job.  

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