7 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly And Appealing Blog Post

7 tips for writing seo friendly and appealing blog post

Research the keyword before start writing 

For SEO friendly content, keyword research is very important. If you want to increase your reach, then it is crucial to find out the phrases or words or keywords which are mostly used by your audiences while they search any product or service related to your niche. Use the relevant keywords in your content for making it SEO-friendly. Do not just stuff the keywords in your content. Naturally, add the relevant keywords in your content.

For writing an attractive, appealing and SEO friendly blog, you need to learn some writing tips!

Usually, many content writers or bloggers do not follow the correct way of writing and write the content according to their wish. Whether it is blog writing, article writing or any other form of writing, writers should follow an appropriate format of writing for creating a good piece of content. If a writer wants to create SEO friendly content, then he or she should follow all the guidelines of SEO. Moreover, SEO marketing is very crucial for increasing the brand visibility. In this competitive world, SEO services are very much important for the growth of any business.

1. Plan before you write

Think about the message which you want to convey by your content. Find out the major reason or factor for which you are writing? Are you writing for educating the audiences or for the purpose of promotion? Find out the answers of all the questions before you start writing.   

2. Follow a proper format of writing a blog or article

Plan a structure or a format before you start writing

First, introduce the topic at the starting of the content.  

Add the main message at the middle part of the content also known as the body portion

And at last, a conclusion

Prepare your content according to this format. And try to engage the readers with your writing skills.

This same format of writing is used in blog writing, article writing and SEO writing. High-quality SEO content plays a vital role in SEO marketing, and because of this, SEO Company or SEO agency gives high importance to SEO-friendly content in their SEO services.

3. Use headings

Make proper and engaging headings, so that audiences can easily understand your content and visit your website for reading more engaging and informative content. By adding proper headlines, you not only enhance the readability of your content but also give a reason to search engines to rank your website in the SERPs. If you add relevant keywords in the main heading and sub-headings, then it is best from SEO point of view.  

4. Check your content

Before publishing the content, check it. Revise your content thoroughly and find out whether it is grammatically correct or not, contains simple language and easy to read. Try to develop informative content so that more audiences visit your site and share your content. SEO marketing is directly linked with the creation of informative, appealing and SEO friendly content.   

5. Length of your blog post

Google also ranks the long articles or blogs which contain good word limit around 800 to 1200 or even more high. Above all, the quality of your content should be high or you should create high-quality content for engaging more visitors. Writing long articles is not so easy, but by taking the SEO services from the best SEO agency, you can achieve all your goals. The best SEO companies have years of experience in developing SEO-friendly and informative content and provide the best SEO services.

6. Interlink the content

Interlinking the content with another relevant content or blog post is very beneficial and Google also ranks the blog posts which contain more internal links. Internal links also increase the authority of your website.

7. Maintain the consistency

Remember, consistency is the key. By regular posting the content on your website, you can attract more visitors. Your main goal is to provide high-quality and informative content on a regular bases. Post the content on regular bases and give a reason to your audiences to visit to your website.


This is all about how to create appealing and SEO-friendly content. Before writing any piece of content, you should plan the content properly, create engaging and appropriate headlines, divide the content into 3 parts (introduction, body and conclusion) and add relevant keywords for SEO writing.

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