10 Bad SEO Practices Which Are Responsible For Low Rankings

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The practices of bad SEO are not fruitful but can destroy the search engine rankings of your website. In this guide, you will find that what is bad SEO and its practices. Unpack the top 10 practices of bad SEO which are affecting the rankings of your website.

What is bad SEO?

The term “bad SEO” is directly related to the invalid and unethical practices which are against the guidelines of Google webmaster are termed as ‘bad SEO’. On other the hand, good SEO or SEO is related to all the ethical practices and drives desired results organically.

Scroll down and find out the top 10 bad SEO practices that give negative impact on the rankings of your website.

  1. Duplicate Content

The first thing which is very important to rank a website at the top positions in search engine results pages is original and unique content. Avoid practicing bad SEO, and post fresh and informative content on your website.

For the purpose of SEO marketing, if your content is not unique then it gives a negative impact on the ranking of your website. If your site contains duplicate content or copied content which is already indexed by the search engines, then there is no reason to index your website or web pages for the same copied content. And so, search engines offer low rankings or even remove your website completely from the results pages.

2. Link building with guest posting

Through guest posting, you can secure high-quality backlinks and it is the best method of improving the site authority. You can post your high-quality articles or blogs on the guest posting websites and in return, you can earn quality backlinks and more potential customers.  

 For learning the importance of guest read the article why guest posting is important for SEO.

3. Keyword Stuffing

If you are using your target keyword again and again in your content without the actual requirement, then your content will look very clumsy and this thing is also included in the bad practices of SEO.

This thing gives a very bad impact on your site’s visitors when they will read your website content which is poor in quality and totally bloated with the keywords.

For the best SEO marketing and SEO content, you can stuff the relevant keyword in the description, title, first paragraph, and content according to a planned density of keywords.

4. Low-Quality guest posting

Do not accept low-quality guest posts for publishing on your website. Rather to publish irrelevant and copied content on your site, it is better to post nothing otherwise, your site ranking will decrease.

For better SEO marketing it is good to create fresh and original content on regular basis or if possible then for this time taking process, you can take the best SEO services from the best digital marketing agency or SEO agency. Try to maintain the balance between the website’s content and guest blogging.

5. Invisible Text

Invisible text or cloaking is generally used when you try to fool crawlers and users by hiding the original destination of the link. Moreover, this practice is not good and counted under the bad SEO practices.

It is good to keep similar or a single version of a page for users and crawlers so that they can easily differentiate between ads and website content.

6. Any kind of paid links

Creating a successful website and high-quality content require a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency. It is not easy to earn high-quality backlinks naturally; you need to work really very hard for achieving such kinds of results. Generally, people love to take shortcuts rather to go for this time taking and hectic process.

Purchasing any kind of paid links for getting better SEO results is not a good practice. And if Google finds your website with irrelevant paid ads then surely your website will face the bad results and it will get lower ranking in the SERPs. Do not apply these kinds of stupid shortcuts on your website.

7. Above the fold so many ads

Placing too many ads at the upper part or top portion of a page is not a good practice and so Google also punishes the websites which contain such mischief.

Construct the website pages according to the algorithm of page layout otherwise; Google will decrease your website ranking.

8. Not taking the help of Google webmaster tools

Take the help of webmaster tools offered by Google and improve the ranking of your website. With the help of these tools you can check various things like whether your content is original or not, bad links, duplicate description and titles, crawl errors and more other important factors. So, if you are still not taking the help of webmaster tools then start it right now.

9. Slow loading speed

The loading time of your website should be less than 3-4 seconds so that visitors won’t navigate away from your website. Moreover, the loading speed of a website comes under the technical SEO and it also affects the ranking of your website. If your website loads quickly then it will gain better results.

10. Website is not available or found

This is the most common issue which is faced by many users. Make sure that you take good hosting services from the best hosting provider, so that your website can remain available for 24/7 and users can easily locate your site without facing any difficulty.


For the success of your website, you need to follow good SEO practices and remain up to date with the latest updates of ranking algorithms of the search engines. Try to avoid the bad practices of SEO like cloaking, huge link building, irrelevant paid ads, keyword stuffing, banner stuffing and more.

For marketing the business online, SEO services and SEO marketing play a very important role and are also required for ranking the site at the high positions in the search engine results pages. The SEO services provided by SEO Company or SEO agency are required for achieving the desired results.

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