Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Coverage & Scope

Refunds are strictly restricted to the services and solutions provided by Digiadlab, any claim regarding 3rd party services does not apply to us. We are not to be held responsible for the person or services that we do not own or personally offer. Thus, any claim relating to 3rd party on and off the bounds of the contract or linked onto our website is not to be related to us.

When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

Digiadlab refund processing is a well-structured set of rules and involves a non-volatile process. In case of a complaint regarding Digiadlab Solutions, we first provide you an ideal solution to retaliate against the issue that is faced by our client. The technical team is deployed to check and report to an expert’s team regarding the issue, under unchangeable circumstances you are affiliated to seek a refund.

Following conditions are taken under concern before processing your refund, under these circumstances your refund is likely to apply*

  • Post-sales and Development have not yet started, but if you inform us within 5 days we will refund the amount.
  • Rectification/ resolution and fixation not possible
  • Payment terms and conditions are well met by you.
  • Information has not been used for business benefits.
  • Reasons for refund are considerable/ rational/ non-fictitious
  • Provide us evidence of your claim.
  • Claim not surfaced on the basis of billing dispute from your bank and vendor.
  • Important Note: Meeting all the above points is necessary otherwise your refund claim be considered void. The decision on refunds is final and irrevocable.

How The Refund Takes Place?


Your request is processed, and credibility is checked of the claim.
Checked if they fall under our refund parameters
Refunds are arranged in the permissible situation. Settlements are done fully or partially as the case applies.


A proof agreement is signed.
Refund is processed in 7-10 business days, after the signing of the agreement.

Refunds are done in the currency you were charged. For which you may be charged by your bank as exchange fees or change in exchange rate resultant of change in the amount refunded compared to the amount paid by your originally (Native currency). Digiadlab is not responsible for any charges applied by your bank as a processing fee or exchange fee or in case of any losses.


Digiadlab can amend the refund policy without any notice to you at its sole discretion. You are recommended to check the policy from time to time period to keep yourself updated. For more information on our refund policy, contact us at