Privacy Policy

Information Collection And Use

Digiadlab may request for sharing your personal information which includes: your name, e-mail address, name of your enterprise, telephone number, etc. We provide our clients the freedom to share or not to share these general details voluntarily. We work under strict policy to keep your information protected and not give them away or sell them or rent them to 3rd party.

We welcome high-technology minds to share their respective resumes with us on our site, any submitted resume on the Digiadlab website will be kept confidential and used for the further purpose of considering the candidate for employment. The user’s information will not be shared with agencies and third parties.

To be able to access certain sections of our website, a user might be asked to share his personal information, of which we keep them assured of the confidentiality of their information.

Registration For Collateral And Software Downloads

In case of a request for download of trial versions or collaterals of software provided by Digiadlab, your registration onto our site is a must-have, we request you to fill our registration form to help and assist you better to lavish upon incredible help. We only ask for general information such as name and email address. This information will be only used to contact you for the services requested by you.

Collecting Information For Surveys

We believe you are partaking in making our services better and advance, there may be times when we would request you to participate in surveys conducted by Digiadlab. These surveys help us big-time understanding the profile and requirements of our users. Participation in the survey is voluntary and a user can opt-out from participating in the survey at any time.

Use Of Log Files

We access your domain information for keeping track of the use of our site. Which helps us know the visitors of our site, the number of time they visit us, and then what part they access our site most. This information is used by us to optimize our services and websites. This is an automated function for which no user action is requested.

Use Of Cookies

Cookies are the data stored on user hard drives that contain their information. By accessing cookies on the Digiadlab site a user does not require to log in with a password while accessing the site next time. Cookies also help us serve you better serving experience, it lets us know our client interest better. A cookie doesn’t provide users personal information, also it terminates on the closing of the browser. It is also a voluntary action and denial of which also allows you to access our site seamlessly. However, it may lead to limited access to our site.


There are links to other sites embedded in our website, for which Digiadlab is not to be held responsible for the privacy practices of those sites. We recommend you read the privacy policies of the websites while they leave our website.


Digiadlab takes serious measures in protecting user’s information, while they submit their sensitive information on our site. We protect their information online and offline.

While registering or ordering products on our website, you may be asked to enter your transaction information such as credit card numbers or other identity cards information. Of which we provide ultimate protection by using encryption software such as SSL, which secures your payment on our website. Indicating your safe visit on our website, your browser will show you a locked icon of a lock which is a sign of a safe and secure page view.

We use your information within our premises, and no exchange of your information outside is entertained. Our employees use your information in tasks such as billing, customer support, upgrades and subscription reminders, etc.

For further information about your security of the Digiadlab Site, mail us at

Site And Service Updates

Digiadlab reserves the right to distribute service announcements to our users, also members are not allowed to opt-out of service announcements. The announcements are important services that hold important information on the services requested by the user. We communicate with you via mail or phone to resolve your issues with your account.

Digiadlabholds the right to modify or update the privacy statement at any time without notice.