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4 Useful PPC Marketing And Management Tips For The Holiday Season 

For online retailers, the holiday season is one of the most special and important seasons. During this season, the sales rates of the companies or industries increase very high and this results in high profit. It is the time when you need to invest in PPC advertising for securing potential leads for your business. PPC advertising or PPC marketing is the leading strategy for the holiday season. 

For ensuring more conversions from your PPC marketing campaigns, you need to manage your campaign successfully in an effective manner. Below, you will find 4 essential PPC management tips through which you can easily run your campaigns and drive more conversions. Scroll down and have a look on the 4 essential management tips of PPC for your holiday season: 

 1. Use the remarketing tactic for bringing the customers back

Remarketing is a powerful technique that helps in capturing those customers who previously visited your website but was not converted into your potential customers. By capturing or retargeting those customers who are familiar with your brand and previously visited your site, you can easily convert them.     

Before purchasing the things or taking any purchasing decision, people first visit multiple sites and check out the products over there. This is the best time when you can remind your customers about your products, services, and brand by running PPC ads. With the wide network of GDN (Google display network), you can easily display your remarketing ads in front of the customers who already visited your website but not purchase anything at that particular time. For converting these customers into potential customers, all you need to give a push and that push is the PPC ad campaign. So, it’s become very important to manage your PPC services properly. Consider a PPC company or a PPC specialist for managing your PPC campaigns successfully.

 2. Ensure that your landing pages and ads must be optimized for the mobile devices

Another very crucial thing that you need to consider is the mobile audit for this holiday season. According to research, customers feel very convenient and comfortable while online shopping using their smartphones. And for this reason, you need to perform a mobile audit of your website and landing pages.

In addition to this, more than 57% of the consumers planned to purchase the products online during the last holiday season. So, with such a high percentage how can you avoid or neglect the mobile optimization process of your website, landing pages, and PPC ads.  

 It is recommended to go for a mobile audit before the starting of the holiday season.  

The loading speed of the website- Ensure that the loading speed of your website must be very high. But if your site takes too long time for loading then, this thing will not only decreases site ranking but also degrades the user experience. In addition to this, your site must be easy to navigate for a better user experience.

3. Your ads should be relevant and appropriate which result in more conversion

You can also use your previous year ads to this holiday season if they worked very well for your past PPC marketing campaign. All you need to refresh your past advertisements according to this year’s promotions and sales. For example, if you are running special offers or discounts for the cyber Monday or offering free shipping for some special days then, you need to add this relevant information or data in your PPC ad copy.  

In the last days of holidays when your sales going to end, you can also run some extra offers for attracting the customers and generating more revenue. So, as per your strategy or plan, you can refresh your past PPC advertisements.

4. Check the performance of your previous PPC advertising campaigns

By analyzing your previous year PPC campaign performance, you can easily improve or manage the performance of your PPC ad campaigns for this year. Through the analytics data of your previous year campaign, you can measure all the weak or pain points of your campaigns and work on these for the improvement. It is important to optimize your ad campaigns for more conversions and sales.

You should also consider certain important things from your previous holiday campaigns such as: 

  Were you able to achieve all your marketing goals through your PPC marketing campaigns?

What were the weak areas where you need to improve this year?

Any particular day or week during which you noticed a growth or high conversions through your PPC campaigns? In early December or November or more?

For any type of special offers or promotions did you run any campaign or ad?

By analyzing the performance of your Past PPC campaigns, you can prepare a solid strategy or plan for your upcoming holiday season campaigns. If you are a newcomer and don’t have experience then you can check the Google trends for building your base strong regarding running a PPC marketing campaign for the holiday season. You can also perform a/b testing and select some good combinations for your PPC campaigns. 

Required any kind of help for managing your PPC marketing campaign successfully for the holiday season? If yes, then talk to an expert PPC marketing company for boosting your company’s sales and preparing a winning PPC marketing or advertising strategy.  


These were the 4 useful and important PPC marketing and management tips for the holiday season. Without properly managing PPC advertising campaigns for your business, the chances of conversions will automatically become very less. If you are spending so much amount on running PPC advertising then why not on its management.

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